Richie Pan Art — 3 Comments

  1. WE WILL MISS RICHIE PAN he was of MANNs caliber and sure am glad we have his art to live on Ride it like you stole it Richie

    • R.I.P., another legend gone. I never had the honor of meeting him although we had several mutual friends. Sympathies to his family and all who were close to the man…

  2. I’m constantly finding new artwork I’ve never before seen. Like him, beautiful and unique! Growing up…(before video games!) We’d pass many days just drawing, I do portraits of him…which no matter how much I tried, he’d look like the guy from Mad Magazine. Rich on the other hand would draw,…(Ready for this shocker?!)…skeletons! For some reason a certain name would crack me up, so…the skeleton always had a bubble over it’s head saying, Hi! My name is…! No matter how dark a day, he always brought a ray of sunshine into it!

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