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  1. You have linked to, a Nazi apologist.
    “It is the more amazing how easily these very same abused working masses were mobilized against Hitler-Germany, a nation which treated its workers with dignity, respect and paid them well – including full medical care, world-class education, paid holidays, subsidized public transportation the likes of which no other country has ever enjoyed and economic conditions in general so far superior, it makes the Zeitgeist-whore historians blanch with fury; to top it all off factory management was never overpaid. One wonders about the stupidity of man, one really does —“

  2. In 1983, the Indian motorcycle manufacturer Enfield India Ltd , obtained license from Zundapp to produce ZE50. CS50 , KS100 and KS 175 (water-cooled engine) in India. Till about 1990 they made ZE50 and CS50 in some few thousands. During those years scooters were in much demand, and motorcycles made up a small fraction. Enfield wound up manufacture of these Zundapp motorcycles sometime in early 90s. They continued with production of another four-stroke motorcycle , licensed from Royal Enfield (UK) in around 1956; and its variant is sold even today.

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