fuck it. — 7 Comments

    • Don’t know his name, it was some fucking legal blackmail horseshit from a group of German attorneys. I told them to fuck off.
      But I’m on sabbatical, that and some other general assholery just killed my interest in dedicating time to this blog for awhile.
      I’ve got bikes to work on.

  1. Sadly this is now the way of the world, lowlife scuzztwats are trying to shake $$$$$$ out of everyone else, surely you cannot copyright your likeness as it is in common domain, if the posters do not disable the right click function to stop image saving then they are not protecting their so called copyright? They are ‘saying’ “help yourself” in essence. I would donate to your defence fund if you need one. Good luck.

  2. Once something is posted on the web it becomes public domain, unless a copyright disclaimer is attached. I don’t think dude has a case. Don’t sweat it.

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