Frisco Style — 2 Comments

  1. This was a good try at Frisco style but the pictures missed the mark. Most of the pic showed long choppers with raked front ends. The Frisco Harley was a sportster but a “74” could be used. Take was stock, front end maybe up to 6” over, twin disc brakes, medium height glide riser with drag bars or z bars, low, the frame was smooth with stock shocks in the rear, early a hardtail. Rear fender bobbed with side mount plate and light. No sissy bar, maybe a small tie on bar. 16” in back 21” in front. Sportster tank customized or stock, always mounted high on the top rail hence “Frisco” style. The pegs were alway midmount with the controls and usually mount much higher up the side of the motorcycle then stock. This gave the rider the image of a jockey riding a race horse. Very aggressive and crazy because the riders knees were up along side the tank and he was bent forward reaching forward for the drag bars! I know this stuff cause I built several of the style harley , Sportster and “74”. I did not live on the WC but Easy Rider mag, Chopper illustrated, Custom Chopper covered all the styles and we copied them exactly. In 1967 the year of my first harley chopper I was the only one in my small town so magazines were a great help! Good job on the video!!!

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