Balkans Burn, Part III of III: Samarina to Dambul Morii, Romania — 5 Comments

  1. Charlie: great ending to the trilogy. Sorry to hear about the accident but I’m sure that will quickly pass. The editing on the video got better and better over time – nice work overall. You definitely accomplished your goal of producing an interesting record – BBC be damned.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks Charlie, I enjoyed them all; 3, 1, 2. My computer ran fine and I was able to watch all 3 without any unwanted pauses. I don’t know anything about editing so I just enjoyed them without analyzing them. Thanks again. Chris D. (Chang driver) in sunny Queensland.

  3. Great trip and well recorded. It was also educational and gave mne a chance to see country I would not otherwise see. It reminded me of trips a friend and I took back in the 1960’s. We would pack some clothes, tool, oil, and a small tent and take off to nowhere. Those were great times for both of us. Thanks again!


    Minnesota, USA

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