Pera Baity: Dnepr Model 8.157 Solo — 9 Comments

  1. I was there early August 2012. The buildings still exists, the plant is indeed huge, and situatated in downtown Kiev. I guess the factoryblock measures at least 200 metres each side. The administration and a few other buildings are brick, but most is corrugated steelsheet, which was normal in Soviet times. The premises are used by many small companies, and at the corner away from the administration is a huge furniture store. That’s where the “motorcycle on a pin” stands, another is in front of the entrance to the administration. The reminding tools e.t.c was up for auction on Friday August 24th. Who bought it I don’t know.
    As far as I am informed a guy in Ukraine bought a lot of smaller machinery and rights to produce spares. After all hundreds of thousands are still in use.

    Peter Krogsten

  2. I must correct the article.
    The IMZ and KMZ plants produced dedicated solos long before the KMZ 8.157:
    Ural M63s, M67 with 18 inch and 3.89:1 ratio, and the beautifull MT9 solo, with Dneprmatic tranny without reverse and 3.89:1. It is however likely that they were not available to the citizens of the Soviet Union, and intended for export. Please add any input you have regarding this machine.
    PS: A friend photographed a new Md.8.157 for sale in the Dnepr factory shop for about 2500 Eu.
    Baity Pera

  3. hi baity, great article! do you have any idea where i might get soft solo rear shock absorbers/springs for my dnepr mt11? its killing my back! it looks like you might have a lot more access to parts there than i do in the uk.
    regards, jonny

  4. I live in Ukrain, and I have many rare parts, includind parts for Solo, Dnepr Tourist, Dnepr Excort, some experimental models, and Police Dnepr 8.955-01. And I can help you.

  5. Some weeks ago I bought the Dnepr Solo that’s on the 2nd picture, the one from Bikez magazine. It’s my first Dnepr, and I love it. It’s like riding a bloody tractor. It’s a 1993, and had only some 1300km on it. She has been standing still for many a year, so I had to revive her a bit, but after re-adjusting the ignition timing and the carbs she’s running OK. I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun, Olga and me 🙂

    • 1) Pera only contributed the article for the blog, he is not the publisher. I’m Charlie, it’s my blog.
      2) Igor Bondar has no association whatsoever with this blog, myself, or Pera as far as I know. He’s a complete stranger who added a comment which I thought may be useful.
      If you need Dnepr parts, I can personally recommend Vostok Motorcycles at .

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